Graphic Design


Theatre Flyer

The Client needed an eye-catching design to promote an upcoming play

Client : University of West Alabama
Created By : Tiara Tyson
Completed : March 10, 2021
Skill : Indesign, Photoshop, Marketing
Services : Web Design, Photoshop, Marketing

What i do in this project

Create a Design



Here’s how i solved the problem

The Challange

Convey a feeling of suspense and mystery hinting at the play’s plot.

The Solution

Use dark colors and mysterious imagery create feelings of suspense.

Magazine Design

Designed  makeup magazine that solely put the focus on shades of red lipstick .

Logo Design

Designed logo for local personal trainer.

License Plate Design

Designed a license plate for the University of West Alabama Biodiversity Department

Fun Graphic Design

This was a fun graphic design for a class

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